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About Hypnosis New Zealand

Hypnosis New Zealand Mission Statement
"As an independent Hypnotherapy Group, Hypnosis New Zealand recognises and celebrates Hypnotherapy as a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy - and supports the choice of each individual Hypnotherapist to conduct client-focused therapy in either a similar or a different manner from his/her peers; within New Zealand laws and the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics."
Hypnosis New Zealand is, by far, the largest and most pro-active group of Hypnotherapists in NZ.  Those who have trained with us are competent and qualified in Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy - the therapy technique that understands the requirements of the modern client and provides innovative and effective treatments.

Hypnosis New Zealand boasts the most comprehensive member support, with: Ongoing training; peer support network, personal mentoring and the availability of other generous resources such as regular newsletters, members library and promotional advertising brochures.

Hypnosis New Zealand prides itself on delivering the most communicative environment for both members as well as clients - and publishes many member and client testimonials to support this.

Hypnosis New Zealand requires that all members conduct client-focused Hypnotherapy within the parameters of a very clear Code of Ethics.

Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics:
  • A professional Hypnotherapist must conduct business in a responsible and respectable manner.
  • A professional Hypnotherapist must recognise and uphold an obligation to the well-being of the client at all times.
  • A professional Hypnotherapist must always practice techniques and procedures in accordance with appropriate training and experience.
  • A Professional Hypnotherapist will ensure his/her own professional development by undertaking regular on-going training.
  • A professional Hypnotherapist must maintain safe and hygienic premises of practice.
  • A professional Hypnotherapist will not offer any guarantee as to the effectiveness or outcome of any treatment.
  • A professional Hypnotherapist will always keep a client’s personal details private, unless required to divulge that information by law, or when any person may be at risk in any way.

Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution
The Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution, Policies and Procedures document mostly relates to the operation of Hypnosis New Zealand by the Management and the Advisory Board.  It also defines membership criteria and standards for all levels of membership.  It includes the HNZ Code of Ethics and Mission Statement (as above).
The Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution, Policies and Procedures document may be available on request to any HNZ member with a genuine reason for wishing to view it.

Hypnosis New Zealand is founded and led by Principal Grant Boddington; who has more than 20 years experience in the field of Hypnosis.

About Grant Boddington - HNZ Principal
Grant is one of NZ's most experienced and highly regarded professional Hypnotherapists. His interest and involvement in Hypnosis began around 1990 and progressed rapidly into therapy, motivational speaking and ultimately fronting what has become NZ's most popular Hypnotherapy training courses.  Grant has personally trained all of his Hypnosis New Zealand members to a standard that reflects his own commitment to client-focused Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy.

As well as having been a long-time active member of many NZ Hypnotherapy groups, Grant is also a member of these extremely prestigious International Hypnotherapy Groups:
  • Member and Recognized School of the International Hypnosis Federation
  • Australasian Board Representative of the International Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Grant is a prolific writer of Hypnosis information via the monthly HYPNOTES newsletter. He has also authored several books about Hypnosis; the most successful being "Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals", which has become essential reading for all progressive Hypnotherapists.

Grant also delivers one of NZ's most popular corporate training presentations: Mind Mechanics®. This presentation has been experienced by many of our top companies and businesspeople.

Passing on his immense Hypnosis knowledge and experiences to others, is something Grant is very passionate about. He always welcomes communications on the subject and prides himself on speedy and comprehensive responses to all inquiries.