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May/June 2018
for Members, Students & Supporters of
Hypnosis New Zealand

NZ's Largest Hypnotherapy Group & Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer ... for
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New & Upgraded Memberships
Congratulations to all of the following members.
  • Teagan Fea has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Professional Member of HNZ.
  • Steve Large has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Professional Member of HNZ.
  • Desiree Prendergast has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Professional Member of HNZ.
  • Karen Griffen has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Professional Member of HNZ.
  • Keith Middlemiss has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Member of HNZ.

In this edition:

A Brand New Exciting Era for Hypnosis New Zealand
Peer Support Meeting at Marty's Hut - from Marty Kellett
Client Support Recordings On Mini MP3 Player - by Grant Boddington

Our Three Courses:

Certificate in Hypnotherapy Course -
with HNZ Founder: Grant Boddington
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course - with HNZ Principal: Justine Lette
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course - with HNZ Founder: Grant Boddington

A Brand New Exciting Era for Hypnosis New Zealand
By Grant Boddington
Justine Lette HNZ PrincipalAs many of you will already have read on our Facebook Group, Justine Lette is now the new Principal of Hypnosis New Zealand. Justine will be progressively taking over most of the training and membership operations during the next few months. 

While the website and its directories will be modernised, essentially she plans to continue the training and membership very close to what has worked so well for many years and helped HNZ to become NZ's premier Hypnotherapy group. I have taken up a support postion on the HNZ Advisory Board for the remainder of this year, while Justine is learning the ropes as Principal.

Before plunging completely into semi-retirement, I'll be fronting my last Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy this November.  Then, from next year, Justine will be fronting the classroom courses; starting with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course in March.

I'll be continuing to run the HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Home Study Course, so students currently working though this course will be unaffected.  And, I will of course still be available for all mentoring, advice and chats about Hypnotherapy with all past, present and new HNZ students/members.  If you have a couse that I've fronted, then please submit your examinations to me (within the 12 months limit) for assessment - and on completion of the process, I will award your Diploma.

I wish Justine all the best for her new position and trust that you will all continue to offer her the same generous support that you've given me over many years as principal of HNZ.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact either myself or Justine.

Grant Boddington - HNZ Founder   Phone: 021 447 481    Email: grant@grantboddington.com
Justine Lette - HNZ Principal   Phone: 027 890 9586    Email: info@hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz

Peer Support Meeting at Marty's Hut
from Marty Kellett

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! 
"Marty's Hut" in Glen Eden, West Auckland shall provide a venue for any and all Hypnosis New Zealand folk interested in attending a Winter Peer Support Meeting starting at:
1.00pm on Saturday, 28 July.
(The Peer Support Meeting starts prompt at 1.30pm and, as an incentive to members to politely arrive beforehand, there will be an immediate free "Rapid Fire Raffle' - with prizes of varying content (from Commiserations to Congratulations) for each and every person who is through Marty's Hut's front door by 1.30pm.)

Presentation/Discussion Topics:
  • Marty will outline the salient points he has discovered, or concluded, from the 107 young people he's helped with Examination Anxiety over the past seven years. He'll also be providing hard copies of material for hypnotherapists regarding examination anxiety issues - including the most effective script he's used.
  • Grant will explain the mechanics of firstly acquiring and then providing mini MP3 Players to enable clients to use support recordings. He will bring samples and demonstrate how valuable these little techno gadgets can be for clients.
Directions - The simplest and most direct route is to take the West Coast Road, pass through the township of Glen Eden, continue on for a couple of minutes until you turn hard left at the next set of Traffic Lights - they being the West Coast Road/Rosier Road Intersection Lights.

There is ample parking along the Rosier Road frontage at Marty's Hut, and both the Parking and Admission Is Free! - but it would be nice if each attendee brought a plate (with something substantial and edible on it). Spiritous liquors, wines, lemonade and coffee & tea shall be provided by 'Mine Host' at the completion of the session.

Check it out on our Facebook Events Page - or Contact Marty on 09 8136208 if interested.

More on MP3 Players
By Grant Boddington
You probably remember that in the last edition I compared the evolution of client recording media - and how I was now providing most clients with one (or more) of my standard recordings on a free mini MP3 Player. 

Well, that article produced a lot of questions from readers.  So here is a little more information about sourcing and using this modern media.

The main components are:
  • Mini MP3 Player
  • Charging Cable
  • Earphones
  • Micro SD Card
  • A6 Ziplock Bags
  • Tiny Ziplock Bags
  • Wall Charger (for a select few clients)
I get most of the components from various suppliers on eBay.  It takes a bit of organising - as suppliers and prices change all the time and when I find a good deal one week, it's probably gone the next.

Usually I can get a player, earphones and charging cable set for around NZ$3.70 and the cards are around $1.05. Sometimes I buy separate players and cable packs, but prefer to buy a complete set.  The Micro SD cards are only available separately. 

I always look for the free international shipping option and have to really check the descriptions. I've been bitten a couple of time by sellers and their grossly misleading descriptions.  You need to see exactly what's in the package contents, as often the pictures don't match the contents supplied. Always look at the bottom of their listing for a list of package contents included.  Many of the sellers picture a player with cables, but in the "contents" state that it's a player only!  So be mindful of that.   Also,
I find a few faulty Mini MP3 Players, so I always try to order plenty of them whenever someone offers a good deal on bare players.

I usually have a range of different colours and styles of Mini MP3 Players - some with LCD screens and some without.  I find the models with LCD screens are more useful when offering 2 or more recordings - as it's easier to see which track is playing.  This is especially useful for Gastric Band sessions where I provide a Start of Day and and End of Day recording on a single Micro SD Card.  In most other sessions where a single recording is provided, then a player without a screen is easiest for clients to use. 
Like all my other session handouts, whatever I provide for my clients in the way of support recordings ... is all free.

I keep a range of recordings on Micro SD cards packed in tiny, labelled, ziplock bags, ready to pop the appropriate one into the main pack for each client.

I have designed and printed folded Instruction sheets.  They are printed on bright coloured A5 sheets, which, when folded in half, fit nicely into the A6 sized ziplock bags -
sourced locally from the local "Goldcoin" store.

Sometimes, there are some holdups in the deliveries, as overseal mail is taking longer than it used to; so while I might have plenty of one component such as MP3 Players, I might be out of Cable packs, or SD Cards - so that's inconvenient.  I try to always have several orders of each component "on the way" - to  cover the average 4 weeks delivery time.

Occasionally,  I strike (usually) an older client who had no CD player, no phone, and no computer.  So The MP3 player is definitely the best option for them.  That's when I also pop in a free Wall Charger too if required.  They are around $3.00 online and are an
essential addition for the technologically challenged.

It took me a bit of trial and error to get the system working well for me and the clients really love them. It all looks very professional and if you're clever on eBay, it's a very attractive addition to the client handouts, that looks a lot more expensive and generous than it actually is.

Commence, Continue or Extend your Clinical Hypnotherapy Training
with the THREE very best Hypnosis New Zealand Courses!
Professional Hypnotherapists can earn $100 - $200 per session!
So, seeing just 2 clients per week, equates to $10,000 - $20,000 per year!
How many clients could you expect to see per week?
Plus, while you learn, you have up to 12 Months Personal Support from your tutor
and then free lifetime support as a Member of Hypnosis New Zealand:

Tutors: Justine Lette (HNZ Principal) & Grant Boddington (HNZ Founder)

Certificate in Clinical HypnotherapyCertificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
with Grant Boddington
This is the ideal way to commence your Hypnotherapy training for an extremely reasonable fee - and with incredible support from one of NZ's most experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists.  You could become Certified by Hypnosis New Zealand in a just a few short weeks.

Currently there is a saving of $100.00 on this course!  Read more about it here.  If you
call Grant for a chat about starting out as a Hypnotherapist he'll give you a free discount code to use when completing the enrollment form.

Call Grant
on  06 345 2000 or 021 447 481 - or email him at grant@grantboddington.com

Diploma in Clinical HypnotherapyDiploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
With Justine Lette
Justine will commence running the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course in Auckland on March 12th - 15th.  If there is sufficient interest, there may be an earlier course in Rotorua.  (Contact Justine if you're keen for this extra course.)

This is your chance to learn the same skills from Justine that she has learned from Grant.

Over the last 12 years, this course has started more Hypnotherapists into a successfull career that any of our others. It's an friendly, intense 5 day course with an impressive pass rate.  It's especially suited to those who really have a passion to be a competant Hypnotherapist.

Currently there is a $200.00 earlybird discount on this course.  Read more about it here.  Enrollments are now open.

Call Justine on
027 890 9586 - or email her on info@hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz

Diploma in Advanced Clinical HypnotherapyDiploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
with Grant Boddington

Grant will be presenting his very last Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course - and it will be in November this year!  So for those of you who missed out last year, this could be your final chance to study advanced clinical techniques over 5 days with Grant. Justine Lette, the new HNZ Principal will be taking over next year in running training courses.

Date: November 12th - 16th  Check out the website for more information
NB: This course is currently fully booked, but standy registrations are still being accepted.

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