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January/February 2018
for Members, Students & Supporters of
Hypnosis New Zealand

NZ's Largest Hypnotherapy Group & Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer ... for
Practical, Focused & Supported, Professional Hypnotherapy Training!


New & Upgraded Memberships
Congratulations to all of the following members.
  • Jan White
    • Accepted as and upgraded to: Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Richard Kellow
    • Qualification: HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • Upgraded to: Professional Member of HNZ

In this edition:
Welcome to the New Home of HYPNOTES - By Grant Boddington
New 2018 Advisory Board - By Grant Boddington
Standby Only for Training Course - By Grant Boddington
Comedy Stage Hypnosis Training in Auckland 2018 - With Ian Blaine
Say NO to A Bucket List - From Coach William C Smith
Client Case Study - From Dr. Joe Rozencwajg
Trance Poem - From Shirley Henderson
Broken Humerus - From Brenda Cheyne
Hypnosis is FAKE! - TedX Video
HNZ Training for Beginner Hypnotherapists - With Grant Boddington
Welcome to HYPNOTES New Home!
From Grant Boddington
We have just completed a complete rebuild of the main Hypnosis New Zealand website: www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz.  This is now where HYPNOTES lives!  HYPNOTES is now a cleaner and simpler newsletter, mostly because all the previous additional HNZ infomation that it used to contain, is now all on the same site!
(See the links at the top of this, or any other HNZ page.)

The refurbished site is now entirely for
the training and support of Hypnotherapists! 

Taking pride of place here, are our
3 Hypnotherapy Training Courses and our 3 Hypnotherapist Directories. 

of my personal content (such as recordings, apps and therapy session information) has been moved to my private hypnotherapy site: www.grantboddington.com

These changes showcase Hypnosis New Zealand as a focused and professional Hypnotherapy group; which will benefit our Hypnotherapists, as well as the general public. 

Please take the time to look around our new site.  If you're a member you can have a free listing in one or more of our directories - and if you're a supporter (and practicing Hypnotherapist) then you can probably join us as an Associate Member.

New 2018 HNZ Advisory Board
We have appointed a new 2018 Hypnosis New Zealand Advisory Board: Ian Blaine, Davina Morris & Shirley Henderson. Welcome!

This new 2018 AB takes over from Catherine Findsen, Linda Woodgate and Avril Carpenter who served very capably and generously on the 2017 AB. I thank them once again for their dedication and support to the wellbeing of Hypnosis New Zealand.

The Hypnosis New Zealand Advisory Board is an honourary team of Professional and Senior Professional Members of Hypnosis New Zealand; invited and appointed by Grant and Karen Boddington every year to support them in the decision-making processes relating to some membership issues and policies. 
EG: When we receive a new Associate Membership request, or an upgrade request to Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, the Advisory Board considers each request before they are accepted. 

Hypnosis New Zealand Advisory Board
Ian BlaineDavina MorrisShirley                              Henderson
Ian Blaine
Davina Morris
Shirley Henderson

Standby Only for Training Course
From Grant Boddington
Our March 12th - 16th HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is already full.  However, there is always the possibility of someone becoming unable to attend, so we are accepting 1 standby registration.

HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is the flagship of our three training courses and fits neatly in between our HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy course for beginners and our HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course which is for experienced Hypnotherapists, wanting to learn more advanced techniques.

I have been running the Diploma course since 2007 and it has proven to be both an excellent starter course for those with a little prior knowledge/training in Hypnotherapy, as well as being clear and focused for those who are brand new to this wonderful modality.  It has launched many of these people confidently into professional Hypnotherapy practice.  It has always been our aim to make it easy for good people to become recognised as being properly trained professional Hypnotherapists. 

For those who then wish to further advance their Hypnotherapy training, this course has always been an amazing lead-in to our Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course; which is usually held towards the end of each year.

Anyway, if you'd like to be on the standby list to attend the March 12th - 16th Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course, please check it out here:  http://www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz/diploma-hypnotherapy.html

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Training in Auckland 2018
With Ian Blaine
  • Learn the skills to put together a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show that makes the average weeks income in one night.
  • Get paid to travel the country performing shows in towns all over New Zealand and/or Internationally.
  • Learn advanced hypnotic skills & NLP techniques which you can also use in your Hypnotherapy clinic.
  • Become a Certified Stage Hypnotist.
In this 2 day master class, Ian Blaine will teach you all you need to know to put your own Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show together. Including:
  • Marketing, who are your customersIan Blaine Hypnosis Stage Show
  • How to entertain a paying audience
  • What pretalk and why
  • Learn new inductions and which ones to use on stage and why
  • Classic skits and routines and why we use them
  • How to create your own original skits and routines
  • Different shows for different audiences - Ian Blaine will show you through his 3 types of shows and when to use which one for what client.

Training in Auckland
  • Saturday 11th August 2018, 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday 11th August 2018, 5pm Live show
  • Sunday 12th August 2018, 10am - 5pm
Training includes watching Ian Blaine perform a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show live in front of a paying audience on the Saturday afternoon.

Early bird special $395.00 if paid by 1st July 2018
(If paid after 1st July 2018 cost is $495.00)

Numbers are limited so get in fast
Prerequisite: Prior training in Hypnotherapy or Stage Hypnosis

For more information or to register for the Comedy Stage Hypnosis master class, contact:
Ian Blaine
027 2731191

Say NO to A Bucket List
From Coach William C Smith
​One of my favorite movies of all time was “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

And it got me to thinking:
• Did I have a Bucket List?
• Would I even want to have a Bucket List?
• Why did I seem to have some resistance to the idea of a Bucket List?
• Would it be beneficial to have a Bucket List?

Being a Life Coach and especially because of the work in some of the areas I work in, I’m probably more analytical when it comes to words and ideas than most people – even most Coaches!

And after looking at the idea, I realized the resistance I was feeling was the concept of a Bucket List as things I wanted to do before I die!

At first, I couldn’t understand why I had such resistance, and then I realized it was because it has a negative connotation to it – dying!
Read the whole article here

Also Will's two books are for sale on his website( see email)

Client Case Study
By Dr. Joe Rozencwajg
I have been treating this middle-aged lady for a series of psychosomatic problems linked to childhood abuse. The psychosomatic aspect is confirmed by the normality of all conventional tests.

The major and most dangerous part was high blood pressure with sudden peaks up to 190/100 (and probably higher!) accompanied by headaches: this is a high risk for stroke. No reaction to conventional drugs; acupuncture lowers the BP temporarily; herbs and homeopathy, although obviously active, are slow acting. Mental and muscular tension and stiffness were obvious signs that the high BP was caused by arterial vasoconstriction.

I suggested hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis as a tool to control that tension, lower the BP and the risk of stroke while the deeper acting treatment was taking its course, in other words, deep relaxation with suggestions of calm, serenity and control, no deep “investigation” as it was not needed.

She accepted eagerly.  There was no specific interview, of course.

I dispensed with the tests/imagination exercises because of her level of self control and rigidity (mental, emotional and physical): should that not be very convincing, the whole outcome of the sessions would have been compromised.

The induction would also have to be very “down to earth”, not too imaginative or speculative with fluffy clouds, pink unicorns and singing hippos. She loves art and has a predilection for the Louvre Museum.

Therefore, we started with physical relaxation, in a reclining armchair, going upwards from feet to head and actively “disengaging” and de-contracting each muscle group: it was very rewarding to see the muscular reaction happen.

Once fully relaxed, I guided her through the Louvre, from the entrance to the pyramid, through admiring the paintings, essentially the Primitive Flemish and the Renaissance ones to end in front of the Mona Lisa and have a short conversation with her: “See, I have been in this painting for 400 years, I am still relaxed, still smiling, despite the voyeurism of millions of persons”…

The suggestion was that while in the Louvre, total relaxation, comfort, pleasure and enjoyment was obtained.
Emerging from the somnic state was done by walking out of the Louvre with complete return to consciousness when stepping out of the building, in the street.

During her walk towards the exit, the suggestion was given that she could go back to the Louvre at any time when in a safe and comfortable place and position through the key sentence “I am going to have a friendly chat with Mona Lisa”, and deepening the somnic state  by walking towards the picture as we did. She could also use that shortcut to go directly to the Joconde. This was consciously reinforced after waking up.

At the end of the session, BP was acceptable but safe (150/96) and she was ecstatic with the experience. I did not even have to do any further sessions as she mastered self-treatment beautifully. She monitors her BP daily, no more dangerous peaks and she knows how to self-treat at the slightest hint of returning tension.

The general treatment continues successfully.

A Poem by Shirley Henderson

Trance my dear friend is yours to pursue
It’s a step through a door that you choose to do
The past is the past and you can be free
Just close your eyes and listen to me
And it’s that place you can find
Deep within your own mind
Where your thoughts are free
Open your mind and let yourself be
Your imagination will let you soar
Accept suggestions, visualizations and more
This is the place where changes are made
And the skill to continue real change is laid
You can trust your own mind
It’s your very best friend
Your subconscious is there
From now and right to the end
Trust in the process and trust in your self
Your mind is a storehouse of absolute wealth
Please allow yourself to relax and unwind
Allow yourself to spend precious time
To discover your riches, your potential, your worth
To continue your positive journey on earth

Shirley Henderson © 2017

Broken Humerus
From Brenda Cheyne

This is my story of how I used self-hypnosis for the recovery of my humerus bone which had been broken in two places.

I was given a handout from the hospital which said: “ You have broken the bone of your upper arm. This is a painful injury."  After plaster, I was sent home with three kinds of painkillers that I could use these to manage the pain.

My bone was broken in two places so it was detached from my arm bone. It was called a spiral fracture.  They thought at the hospital I would need an operation.

I did take their painkillers at the hospital, which made me crack funny jokes and flirt with the young man who wheeled me to xray.

While I was waiting, I got my wits about me and I began to visualise my bone lining up so that I wouldn’t need the operation.  The surgeons wanted to see another x ray after it was plastered. The x ray showed I didn’t need an operation. Who knows; it may have been luck.

That night at home I thought: “You are a Hypnotherapist, you should be able to sort the pain.”  I did. And didn’t take one single dose after the pills I was given in the hospital.

Each day for my rehab, every two hours I visualised my bone healing.  I looked up information on the net. Bones begin to knit together as soon as they are broken. With this kind of complete break, they form a cloud like substance within a few hours. I imagined them doing all this, I imagined them growing back perfectly. I used colour and suggestions from Davids Quigleys book: "The Alchemy of Healing - Healing your Body and Life with Hypnosis."

I set myself a rehabilitation plan and as a result started physio the first week. The hospital waits until the brace comes off. By then, with this kind of injury develops a frozen shoulder, elbow and wrist. I used visualisation when doing my exercises. Each week my physio gave me new exercises. Every time I saw her, I wanted to show off and was excited to get a new exercise.

I was back at Aikido practice after six weeks. (Training carefully.)

My recovery is perfect. I was 66 when I broke my humerus. People kept saying to me: "When you are older it takes a long time and may never be right."

I ignored that suggestion along with the need for painkillers. I believe in the power of my body and mind.

I have no after pain, no niggles. My arm is fully functional. Recently I have started Astanga yoga. The arm that was broken is just as flexible as my other one.

I have had clients come to me with injuries. Together we design their personal rehab plans. I teach them self –hypnosis. They start to feel much more positive.

Check out Brenda's webpage www.wellington-hypnotherapy.co.nz/

Hypnosis is FAKE!

HNZ Training for Beginner Hypnotherapists

Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • The "anytime - anywhere" Hypnotherapy training for almost anyone!
  • This is a Supported Home Study Hypnotherapy Course!
  • Your Personal Tutor is Grant Boddington, HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.
SAVE up to $100.00!

Using the comprehensive course manual (available in either a printed or downloadable format) you study at home in your own time and practice the techniques on your friends and family while you learn. If you feel you would benefit from personal support or assistance at any time, Grant is usually just an email, text message, or phone call away - offering the absolute best of support and assistance, whenever you might require it. 

Grant Boddington's wonderfully friendly support has become almost legendary in the Hypnotherapy profession - and while it may only take a few weeks to complete this course, he offers his free personal support for up to 12 months while you learn - and then lifetime free personal mentoring as a fellow Hypnotherapist once you have qualified!

Your Qualification will be
                                      the Hypnosis New Zealand
                                      Certificate in HypnotherapyQualification: The Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy!

There are two simple, open book examinations for you to complete during this course.  Grant will call you (within just a day or two of receiving each from you) to discuss your progress and offer the benefit of his 25 years in the profession, to assist you with fine-tuning of your new Hypnotherapy skills.  

The 1st examination is short and simple; covering the absolute basics of Hypnotherapy and becoming a Hypnotherapist.  Within a day or two of receiving it from you, Grant values the opportunity to contact you for a chat, offering you lots of useful tips and encouragement on your progress.

Read more about this great starter course here:
Certificate in Hypnotherapy

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