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Hypnosis New Zealand HYPNOTES Newsletter

Welcome to the new 2018 home of HYPNOTES

The 1st edition to be published here will be January/February 2018

Read the current November/December 2017 Newsletter here.

Submission Guidelines
Your Contributions Are Welcomed
Readers contributions of information or articles to HYPNOTES are welcomed. (Minor editing may be performed to enhance readability.) Generally, only topics and contributions directly related to Hypnosis, from students, members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand, will be published in HYPNOTES.

Free Advertising for Local and National Hypnosis Events
Yes, we'll even post most up-and-coming Hypnosis related events for students, members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand in the HYPNOTES ...... for free!  So, if you're a student, member or supporter of Hypnosis New Zealand, or a spokesperson for a Hypnosis group considered a supporter of Hypnosis New Zealand - and you have a conference, meeting, show, or other event that others may like to attend, please email us with the details.  If it meets our criteria for free advertising, then we'll add it to the 1st available HYPNOTES newsletter.
Submissions to HYPNOTES are accepted entirely at the discretion of the editor.  Small changes may be made in content, spelling, grammar, layout, etc., to improve readability.  The products, opinions, articles and/or services that are published in HYPNOTES are the property of the contributors and they alone are responsible for obtaining any required permissions from anyone referred to or quoted from in any submissions to this newsletter.  No member of the Hypnosis New Zealand assumes any responsibility for the ownership, suitability, or accuracy of any content or information in this newsletter, or linked to from this newsletter.

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