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Grant Boddington - MASTER HYPNOTIST, presents what is probably New Zealand’s funniest, most professionally staged Hypnosis Show ever.  This is a sophisticated hypnosis show with dozens of tasteful, and totally new routines, skillfully mingled with the old favourites.

Grant is a veteran of more than 25 years in the entertainment industry, and because he is also one of the few Stage Hypnotists who is a highly respected Registered Hypnotherapist (specialising in Motivational Hypnotherapy) all hypnotised subjects can “rest” assured that while they are part of the show, they will be participating in safe, humourous routines where they’re treated with the utmost respect.  All of  the hypnotic subjects awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed; they have, in effect, just enjoyed one of the most pleasurable experiences possible - HYPNOSIS.

The show is slick, informative and polished - and Grant is supported by his capable wife & assistant Karen; whose theatrical experience adds a friendly and efficient feminine touch to the show from both behind the sound console and on stage with the show participants.


"As chairman of the social committee, I have much pleasure in recommending Grant Boddington's show ... We found his show to be of the highest quality in professionalism."
(Wairarapa Services Club)

"The show itself was lively, funny and entertaining ... I would recommend his show to our future entertainment officers and to other organisations."
(Royal NZ Air Force)
"Grant is a very polished performer and his show was thoroughly enjoyed by our members. I can recommend the show to any club looking for variety in their entertainment line-up."

(Papatoetoe Returned Services Assn)
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Popular Stage Routines:

This is a small sample from over 50 regularly used routines.  The show is varied in content to suit the participants and the audience.  Shows can be tailored to suit family or adult audiences.

If you'd like to view a short video sample of the show on YouTube, you can do so here: http://youtu.be/4e6SVy1PQOA

Technical & Stage Requirements:
Other Show/Audience Details:

The show can run from as little as one hour to more than two - depending on circumstances and requirements.  Show content and duration can be tailored to suit individual audience requirements.  Shows can be family oriented, or more risque for adults only.
The audience should ideally comprise more than 150 English speaking adults, who are in attendance primarily for the Hypnosis Show. (No surprise shows!) Grant himselfwill select 8 - 12 willing volunteers (over the age of 16) from this audience, to participate in the show.  (Intoxicated or disruptive persons will not be tolerated and and the show may be suspended until they are removed.)

Fees and Expenses:

Fees and expenses are generally negotiable for each show or series of shows and are dependant on several time/distance factors.
As a general guide - most shows within NZ range from NZ$1100.00 to NZ$1600.00. (Prices are GST exclusive & Travel and accommodation may be required.) If you require a show outside of New Zealand please contact Grant for a quote.
Please contact me for a specific quote for your individual requirements.

Contact Details:

Grant Boddington
134 Heads Road
Wanganui 4501
New Zealand
Phone: 06 345 2000
Mobile: 021 447 481
URL: www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz
Email: hypnosis@xtra.co.nz

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