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Available as a downloadable MP3 for $14.95 each.
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Be The Person You Want To Be
Motivate and improve your mind, body and life by correctly structured visualisations and affirmations.
Become 100% Smokefree
Experience an improved quality of life. Think, speak and be .... 100% smokefree.
Ultimate Weight Management
Use the power of your mind to reduce weight and keep it off.
Confidence, Self Esteem and Assertiveness
Improve your interpersonal communication skills and reclaim control of your life.
Relax and Sleep Better
Calm your mind and body while you refresh yourself from the inside out.
Public Speaking
Improve your ability to communicate with groups and deliver powerful speaking presentations.
Play Better Golf
Learn how to conquer the mental game and improve your physical golf game.
Pain Management
Pain is a warning signal. If that signal has aready been heeded, then the warning can be lessened.
Fertility and Conception Management
Manage your fertility and improve your chances of conception through to a successful pregnancy.
Moving On
Ideal support and therapy to assist with moving on after physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
Breast Enhancement
Improve your breast size, shape and firmness with powerful and Hypnotherapy techniques.
Men's Performance Management
Support and manage a wide range of male sexual issues and reclaim more control over your enjoyment.
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Manage and support your chances of recovering from coronary disease and heart attack. Be a survivor!
Self Hypnosis Set
Three tracks to assist with any self-improvement; when you want to choose your own suggestions.
Important Note about Compact Discs.
We no longer have stocks of ready-made CDs, but are happy to make them as required. 
Please contact us if you'd prefer your recording as a CD.

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