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The Structure of Hypnotherapy in NZ 

Overview of Hypnotherapy Legislation in NZ
Because Hypnotherapy is such a safe and natural therapeutic procedure, the entire Hypnotherapy profession in NZ is self-governing and independent of any specific government control and legislation. There are no specific to Hypnotherapy legal requirements, restrictions, or qualifications required by anyone practicing Hypnotherapy in New Zealand.

Furthermore, because Hypnotherapy is so safe and natural, anyone skilled in the techniques can legally practice in NZ as a Hypnotherapist!  Every Hypnotherapist in NZ is completely free to practice either independently, or, if they choose, as part of a one of the many Hypnotherapy organisations.  
[Note: There are hundreds of Hypnotherapists  practicing independently of any Hypnotherapy organisation.  They totally are free to do so, as long as they practice within the laws of the country.]

Regardless of their training, qualifications, or experience, every Hypnotherapy practitioner is legally and morally obliged to operate under guidelines defined by such departments as Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), the Health & Disability Commissioner (HDC) The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) the Fair Trading Act (FTA) which is policed by the Commerce Commission.  Also, most Hypnotherapy organisations have very strict Codes of Ethics that must be adhered to by all members.

Organisations (Trainers and Groups)

In NZ, there are several independent Hypnotherapy trainers and Hypnotherapy groups. 

  • Each Hypnotherapy trainer trains new Hypnotherapists - and awards their own independent certificate or diploma qualifications (or in some cases a 3rd party qualification) to each student who meets their standards.
  • The Hypnotherapy groups offers membership to qualified Hypnotherapists, student Hypnotherapists and other interested or connected people.  Some groups hold on-going training meetings, seminars and conferences - and provide peer support groups and/or mentoring.
  • At least three of the Hypnotherapy groups offer their own independent Hypnotherapist Registration system; awarding titles such as: "Registered Hypnotherapist" or "Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist" to those who meet their stringent training and practicing criteria. 
  • To assist with on-going training, most of the Hypnotherapy groups hold training workshops and conferences; usually featuring major local and overseas presenters.

Hypnosis New Zealand Structure

Hypnosis New Zealand has a unique group structure, in that it is a business model rather than an incorporated society model. So it is efficient, practical and modern!  It provides comprehensive, focused, independent training, membership and a very prestigious registration process. 

Due to outstanding training methods and extremely generous support systems for its hundreds of students and members, Hypnosis New Zealand has become the largest group of professional Hypnotherapists in NZ.

Hypnotherapy Qualifications in New Zealand
Most Hypnotherapy trainers provide their own qualifications; or maybe those from another school.  NB. There are no official legal qualification requirements specific to Hypnotherapy in New Zealand!  Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that anyone who is skilled in, is totally free to practice. 
(See HNZ qualifications here)
NZQA National Diploma in Hypnotherapy
This never really got off the ground
- even after much effort was put into writing unit standards. Despite what some advertising may infer, there is NO NZQA Hypnotherapy Qualification! 
It was relinquished by the NZQA several years ago (along with most other natural therapies).  Like most other natural therapies, the Hypnotherapy profession continues to be responsible for deciding its own structure/standards via its several independent trainers/groups. (As it always has been!)

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