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Hypnosis New Zealand Mission Statement

Established in 2012, Hypnosis New Zealand recognises and celebrates Hypnotherapy as a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy - and supports the choice of each individual Hypnotherapist to conduct client-focused therapy in either a similar or a different manner from his/her peers; within New Zealand laws and the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics.

Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated industry so it is up to the individual to join a regulating body such as Hypnosis New Zealand or NZAPH.

The main goal of Hypnosis New Zealand is to ensure safety and support for both hypnotherapists and the community. We ask for a high level of training and education for our Registered members so we can align with organisations who are wanting to offer hypnotherapy as a modality.

If you would like to know more about our membership levels please see the Join HNZ Page.

Hypnosis New Zealand is, by far, the largest and most pro-active society of Hypnotherapists in NZ; fronted by Justine Lette.

Hypnosis New Zealand has the most comprehensive member support, with ongoing monthly support meetings, zoom guest meetups, chat support groups, trainings and more.

Hypnosis New Zealand works with Clinical Hypnosis Australia to expand our area of practice for our hypnotherapists and offers a point system for trainings that are endorsed by us. Any training that we do advertise or support has been through a systemised check to made sure it is at a high standard.

Our registered members require a police check, insurance and a minimum amount of supervision and continuing education hours per year.

Hypnosis New Zealand prides itself on delivering the most communicative environment for both members as well as clients - and publishes many member and client testimonials to support this.

Hypnosis New Zealand requires that all members conduct client-focused Hypnotherapy within the parameters of a very clear Code of Ethics.

Hypnosis New Zealand Advisers

Justine Lette - Principal

The Hypnosis New Zealand team is fronted by HNZ Principal: Justine Lette.

Justine is the New Zealand Trainer for The Simpson Protocol, The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, A certified Trainer for the International Certification Board of clinical Hypnotherapy. A Professional member of the International Association of Counselling, and the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Justine is internationally known for speaking on Hypnotherapy and trauma informed practices with a goal of making Hypnotherapy a mainstream choice in the community.

Justine runs the Hypnotherapy Training Institute HNZaA and a successful clinic in Rotorua called Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy.

For more information see: https://www.justinelette.com/

Tristan Lette - HNZ Service & Technical Support

Tristan is based in Germany and covers the technical side of HNZ and member support.

He is the man to put the HNZ ideas into fruition!

Tristan has over 20 years experience in the IT field, not only with Support, but also in the Server administration, Security and Application development.

Although Tristan's focus with HNZ is Service and Support, he underwent the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma training in 2019 and is a fully qualified HNZ Hypnotherapist.

Tristan brings new ideas and tools to help hypnotherapists and holistic wellbeing thrive in this ever changing environments.

Tristan has developed amazing online tools such as the Holistic Toolbox AI App and many others. He is available for any TECH support for HNZ members as a reduced membership cost.

Patrisha Palmer - Training and Supervision Associate

The Hypnosis New Zealand training and supervision associate.

Trish Palmer is highly sought after for her expertise and services. Her genuine commitment to helping individuals achieve their desired results is rooted in extensive training and personal experience.

  • Master Life Coach
  • Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner of Timeline Transformations and more.

Trish overseas the acceptance of trainings advertised on the HNZ Platform and also is the prinical of our sister association in Australia - Clinical Hypnosis Australia.

Elaine - VA assistant

Elaine works in the background supporting HNZ with VA and admin tasks.

Please note : Hypnosis New Zealand does not allow, condone, or support 'Conversion Therapy' or any other therapy which aims to proactively change a person's Gender Identity, Gender expression or sexual orientation. If a Member of Hypnosis New Zealand is seen to be using methods such as these, please report it to support@hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz

Hypnosis New Zealand is the largest hypnotherapy regulating body established in 2012 to support safety practices, regulation and education for hypnotherapists and the community.

Currently there are no government regulations regarding offering hypnotherapy in New Zealand so it is up to the individual to choose to align with a self regulating body.

We require a high standard of entry to become a registered member holding a practicing number, which helps us align with different organisations wanting to safely incorporate hypnotherapy into their list of offered modalities.

Disclaimer: Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or psychiatric care, advice, or treatment. If you have a medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition, you should consult a medical, psychological or psychiatric professional in the first instance. The information provided on any Hypnosis New Zealand webpage is suggestion only and should not be used to replace the diagnosis, prevention, or cure of any disease or any other medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition; or used to replace any care, advice, or treatment provided by any medical, psychological or psychiatric professional. Neither Hypnosis New Zealand nor it's owners are responsible or liable in any way for the choices, actions, in actions, errors, or omissions of any member, or other related party, in any way.

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