About Hypnosis New Zealand
Hypnosis New Zealand Mission Statement

"As an independent Hypnotherapy Group, Hypnosis New Zealand recognises and celebrates Hypnotherapy as a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy - and supports the choice of each individual Hypnotherapist to conduct client-focused therapy in either a similar or a different manner from his/her peers; within New Zealand laws and the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics."

Hypnosis New Zealand is, by far, the largest and most pro-active group of Hypnotherapists in NZ; fronted by Principal Justine Lette. Those who have trained with us are competent and qualified in Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy - the therapy technique that understands the requirements of the modern client and provides innovative and effective treatments.

Hypnosis New Zealand boasts the most comprehensive member support, with: Ongoing training; peer support network, personal mentoring and the availability of other generous resources such as regular newsletters, members library and promotional advertising brochures.

Hypnosis New Zealand prides itself on delivering the most communicative environment for both members as well as clients - and publishes many member and client testimonials to support this.

Hypnosis New Zealand requires that all members conduct client-focused Hypnotherapy within the parameters of a very clear Code of Ethics.

Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics:

Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution

The Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution, Policies and Procedures document mostly relates to the operation of Hypnosis New Zealand by the Management and the Advisory Board. It also defines membership criteria and standards for all levels of membership. It includes the HNZ Code of Ethics and Mission Statement (as above). The Hypnosis New Zealand Constitution, Policies and Procedures document may be available on request to any HNZ member with a genuine reason for wishing to view it.
Hypnosis New Zealand Members
Justine - Hypnosis New Zealand Principal
The Hypnosis New Zealand Trainings courses are  fronted by HNZ Principal: Justine Lette.  

 Justine is the New Zealand Trainer for The Simpson Protocol, The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, A certified Trainer for the International Certification Board of clinical Hypnotherapy. A Professional member of the International Association of Counselling, and the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Justine has a passion for teaching and learning - and loves to share her knowledge of Hypnotherapy with her students.

Justine runs a successful clinic in Rotorua called Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy and is also a Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Justine is very well qualified to teach you Hypnotherapy, as she has over 15 years experience as a school and Polytechnic tutor.  When you enrol in one of our courses, you can be assured that you will be guided by a trained and experience professional Hypnotherapist.

 To see a list of Justines trainings, go to:    https://www.justinelette.com/about-me
Tristan - Overseas Contractor Server Administration
Tristan has over 20 years experience in training systems and the corporate computer environment. He has worked with large organizations such as Deutsche Bank, Commerce Bank, R&V Insurance, ALDI, Vogue Magazine, Bilfinger Berger and Siemens AG.

He is currently focused in IT and working throughout Germany and Western Europe in this field. Tristan is managing the Hypnosis New Zealand Web infrastructure remotely from his office in Germany.

He is also training for an HNZ Diploma in Hypnotherapy!
Linda - Local Contractor Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer, Linda Page of Rotorua, New Zealand has over 30 years of experience in the creative field, having worked in the advertising and printing industries in South Africa, England and New Zealand.

Her passion is logo design and her ideal client is a start up business needing a fresh, new look. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Linda (daughter of an award-winning art teacher mother) was surrounded by the arts and given a solid grounding on aesthetics from a very early age.

After attending art school and working in advertising agencies, she traveled the world extensively (and mostly on a shoestring) and still draws on those experiences and cultures for her design work today. Besides design and art, her interests include volleyball, snowboarding, netball, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking and travel.
Hypnosis New Zealand Board
Kymberley Carter-Paige
Business - Change your Mind, Change your Reality
HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Lisa Thomas
Business - Lisa Thomas Hypnotherapy
Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand
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