Auckland – 01.03.19 – Stage 1 ESI Mapping Tool Training

Stage I – ESI Certificate Level Course .
This international Best-selling book is also available in a one day workshop! The Many Parts of YOU, written by Jan Sky has been translated into Finish and opens the door to a simple and effective way to deal with the blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want in life.
Based on neuroscience and easily learnt in just one day. ESI – Executive State Identification – teaches a mapping tool that maps the ego states of one’s personality. With this map you can move your clients forward quickly in all areas of their lives. Changes are remarkably fast!
Course Overview: The theory behind ESI is cutting edge, a combination of neuroscience and psychodynamics. It is taught in an easy-to-apply way. By the end of the day, you will be equipped to use the ESI Mapping tool with your clients. You will be amazed by the results. ESI has been developed and trialled in Australia by Jan Sky and has received International recognition in Finland, Netherlands, India, New Zealand and in its homeland, Australia. It represents a breakthrough theory on ego states.
Who should attend? Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and those working one on one with people wanting to bring about a change in behaviur patterns.
Key Learning Outcomes:
Ego state personality theory explained
Discover key behaviours embedded in neural pathways
Identify the link with neuroscience and positive psychology
Develop an ESI Map profile of another’s behaviour
Identify both inhibitive and supportive states in relation to a goal
Linit/remove negative behaviour patterns
Harness supportive factors to drive results forward
Realise your own potential for change using the ESI mapping tool