Rational Hypnotism Course with Reg Blackwood

Reg Blackwood is a UK-born, NZ-based comedian, hypnotist, mentalist and roving performer with over 25 years experience on TV, radio, stage and street.

27 and 28th April

Airport Motel Wellington

Nicknamed by the public as “The Quicknotist” Reg’s skills have attracted the respect of some of the biggest names in the hypnosis world, from Sean Michael Andrews, The World’s Fastest Hypnotist to British Master Hypnotist Jonathan Chase (who even named his “Hypnosis Happens” seminar in Reg’s honour.)
Interviews on International Podcasts like Adam Eason’s Hypnosis Weekly and his work on radio and kids’ television in New Zealand, have helped to confirm the BBC description of Reg’s popularity as “A bit of a cult.”

On stage, street, TV or radio, there are no second chances. You have to be fast and you have to be effective. Reg practises and teaches a Street-Smart form of Hypnotism, where not a word or action is wasted and everything is distilled down to a handful of truly powerful core principles, with stunning results.

In this highly practical two-day course, Reg demonstrates and teaches his rational approach to hypnotism, which equips you with the skills to work with even the most sceptical, analytical and scientifically minded subjects.

Day One: Rationalising the Irrational
(Hypnotising Sceptics)
● Ability/Expectancy/Intent model
– Why Yoda was wrong
● Extraction or subtraction?
– Revealing the angel in the marble
● When voluntary actions seem involuntary
● Practitioner-led vs Client-led sessions
● Paternal vs Authoritative
● A rational approach to rapid inductions
● Which approaches to avoid
● A seamless approach to pre-talk, Ice breaker, induction and deepening

Day Two: Hypnotism Under Pressure
(The Stage, Street, TV and Radio Hypnotist’s Casebook)
● Public vs private sessions
● Safety and terminating the session
● Building rapport vs aligning values
● The Naked Hypnotist
– getting something out of nothing
● Maximising the results
● Keeping it real
– When your convincers aren’t convincing and why tricks have no place here
● Charisma vs Congruence
– Utilising the three elements of charisma, with congruence
● Combatting Conscious Justification
– The morning After. Enemy of the hypnotist

$550 early bird for the weekend paid by March 31st
$650 normal price

*****$250 Special**** on now due to the course being recorded!!!!