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Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Embark on a transformative journey with New Zealand's most acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapy training. Our flexible enrolment allows you to start at any time during the year, granting you access to our comprehensive online training portal and app. Dive into a wealth of resources, including extensive informational content and a rich library of videos.

Upon completing your post-practicum assignments, real client assessments, and participating in our intensive 5-day and 3-day practicums, you will be awarded the prestigious HNZaA Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

This is more than just a certification; it is a gateway to a new level of professional expertise.

You'll also receive the HypnoChange Coach License and the coveted Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Certification. Further enriching this program is the inclusion of an ICBCH module that covers mindful practice, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, providing a well-rounded experience.

Proudly recognised by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) in the USA and CHA in Australia, this 650hr training is overseen by Justine, a licensed trainer with the ICBCH. This endorsement not only affirms the quality of our program but also enhances your professional standing upon completion.

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The Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol - Justine Lette

Attention Hypnotherapists, coaches, mental health professionals, organisations, this is a simple and easy way to release nervous system response and patterns of behaviour attached to body stored trauma.

Using memory reconsolidating, we do this in a safe way so client will never have to re-experience trauma.

This is an invaluable tool in your practitioners toolbox and can be started anytime.

The Simpson Protocol - NZ and Australia

Forget everything your know about Hypnosis, The Simpson Protocol is a revolutionary way to tap into what we call Super-Conscious.

It is for you if you want to work with deeper altered states of consciousness to get faster and better results. This is a holistic approach to hypnotherapy working with deeper parts of the mind. It can also be a very spiritual protocol so if you are looking for something extra special, you have found it.

Immediate access and taught via Zoom online

The Diploma in Esoteric Hypnotherapy

The Diploma in Esoteric Hypnotherapy is a state-of-the-art esoteric hypnotherapy training that equips you with leading edge healing skills that enable you to work at the deepest level of the human psyche, which is the human soul and spirit. You will discover ancient mystery school teachings on trance, hypnosis, shamanism and healing. You will learn about the world of soul and the vital role it plays in true healing. You will learn the exact techniques that the legendary healer-priests and priestesses used in the sleep temples of ancient Egypt to effect what we would now call miracles.

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