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New & Upgraded Memberships

Congratulations to all of the following members.
  • Claire Langley has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Member of HNZ.
  • Daniel Steadman has completed the appropriate HNZ study, examination & practicing requirements and has been awarded the HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy - and upgraded to Senior Professional Member of HNZ.
  • Dolly Young has just been accepted as an Associate Member of HNZ.

In this edition:

Updated HNZ Logo - from Justine Lette
Peer Support Meeting at Marty's Hut - from Marty Kellett
Awake or Asleep? - from Kymberley Carter-Paige 
Past Life Regression Workshop Review 
- from Justine Lette
‘Bob’: A Case Study in the Hypnotic Relief of Post-Operative Pain - from Derry Cooke
The Virtual Gastric Band - From Richard Kellow

Our Three HNZ Courses:

Certificate in Hypnotherapy Course - with HNZ Founder: Grant Boddington
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course - with HNZ Principal: Justine Lette
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course - with HNZ Founder: Grant Boddington

Updated HNZ LogoHNZ                                      Logo 2018
from Justine Lette - HNZ Principal

As you may have seen on the HNZ Facebook Group, Justine has updated the HNZ Logo with a new shape, layout and color.  

The shape is now a square, the background is a different shade of green and the text and "spiral" are white(reverse block).  

In the very near future there will be a redesign of the entire Hypnosis New Zealand website which will utilise the new logo.  

Our branding is being done by Page Design Ltd. Linda has been designing logos for Hypnotherapists and you can find her on Facebook.

Peer Support Meeting at Marty's Hut 
Marty's Hutfrom Marty Kellett

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  
"Marty's Hut" in Glen Eden, West Auckland shall provide a venue for any and all Hypnosis New Zealand folk interested in attending a Winter Peer Support Meeting starting at:
1.00pm on Saturday, 28 July.
(The Peer Support Meeting starts prompt at 1.30pm and, as an incentive to members to politely arrive beforehand, there will be an immediate free "Rapid Fire Raffle' - with prizes of varying content (from Commiserations to Congratulations) for each and every person who is through Marty's Hut's front door by 1.30pm.)

Presentation/Discussion Topics:
  • Marty will outline the salient points he has discovered, or concluded, from the 107 young people he's helped with Examination Anxiety over the past seven years. He'll also be providing hard copies of material for hypnotherapists regarding examination anxiety issues - including the most effective script he's used.
  • Grant will explain the mechanics of firstly acquiring and then providing mini MP3 Players to enable clients to use support recordings. He will bring samples and demonstrate how valuable these little techno gadgets can be for clients.
  • Derry Cooke, a full-time Hypnotherapist working in Whangarei will share with the group a demonstration of The Arrow Technique. There will be time for questions and perhaps a discussion of the underlying structure that makes this technique such a powerful change process.

Directions - The simplest and most direct route is to take the West Coast Road, pass through the township of Glen Eden, continue on for a couple of minutes until you turn hard left at the next set of Traffic Lights - they being the West Coast Road/Rosier Road Intersection Lights.

There is ample parking along the Rosier Road frontage at Marty's Hut, and both the Parking and Admission Is Free! - but it would be nice if each attendee brought a plate (with something substantial and edible on it). Spiritous liquors, wines, lemonade and coffee & tea shall be provided by 'Mine Host' at the completion of the session.

Check it out on our Facebook Events Page - or Contact Marty on 09 8136208 if interested.

Awake or Asleep?Kymberley Carter-Paige
from Kymberley Carter-Paige

I had an email from someone who had subscribed to my website and received my free sleep hypnosis track.

He/she emailed me to say: “I have downloaded your sleep re-coding track and I can’t stay awake long enough to listen to it all the way through, does this matter?”

I felt like saying: “Yes you must stay awake all the way through.” But I’m not that cruel.
Find out more about Kymberley here: www.kymberleycarterpaige.com/

Past Life Regression Workshop Review
from Justine Lette - HNZ Principal

Justine                                LetteI recently attended a two day workshop on Past Life Regression with Dawn Grace Kelly in Auckland. It was an excellent weekend and I have already used what I have learnt in my clinic, working with trust/anxiety/fears and a few other things. I have found with this technique, that even if the client or therapist is not a believer you can still get excellent results. Whether it is real or the subconscious mind is creating metaphors, it can bring about powerful change to clients attitudes/beliefs and patterns of behavior.

I found it very interesting that the format of the regression we were using, was designed by an Arizona USA based man Neville Rowe from the American Institute of Past Life Studies. Even though Neville was based in America he was born here in Hamilton, New Zealand. He made quite a mark in this field holding seminars throughout Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Appearing frequently on TV both as a channel and a speaker, he was a regular guest on Radio shows and he featured in The Wall Street Journal. In a Phoenix New Times Article they described him after is death in 1994, as “a fallen New Age Hero”

Dawn Grace Kelly says “The common thread to Neville's work, was to lead people toward their own self empowerment and he believed that regression should be used to release trauma, negative judgments an other problems. Not just to find out if you were Joan of Arc”

Neville once said “You are your own highest teacher, there is no guru higher then your own higher self.”

If you are interested in learning more about Neville's work and would like to attend a workshop, Dawn will be holding another workshop later in the year. Watch this space for more details.

‘Bob’: A Case Study in the Hypnotic Relief of Post-Operative Pain
from Derry Cooke

Derry CookeAs some Hypnotes readers may know, I am not only a full-time working Hypnotist but am also a Registered Nurse specialising in Emergency Nursing.  As such, I work from time to time in the Emergency Department of our local base Hospital and sometimes I get to use my Hypnosis skillset within this setting.  The ED medical team are very tolerant of me doing my “voodoo” (as they call it) particularly if it means a patient can be discharged from the department sooner rather than later.

My niche in my Hypnosis business is the relief of chronic pain yet Hypnosis can be effective for acute pain also.  Care must always be taken to only ever work with pain that has no clinical or diagnostic value and I am scrupulous to avoid changing the clinical picture by removing pain that may assist establishing an accurate medical diagnosis.

Earlier this year I had a patient  (I’ll call him ‘Bob’) who presented to the E.D with what he described as 10 out of 10 pain following joint replacement surgery 8 days earlier.  ‘Bob’ was a man in his late 50s and was clearly in a great deal of distress.
After completing a thorough nursing assessment of the patient and his surgical wound, it was clear that the pain was not due to any peri-operative issues and so I gained the permission from the ED doctor to offer this man a hypnotic intervention.

I have trained in The Arrow Technique developed by Freddy Jacquin and was confident that using this process I could help ‘Bob’ to remove his pain.  ‘Bob’ was of course very keen to try anything that might alleviate his suffering.

The Arrow is a fantastic tool which I originally learned entirely from a digital downloaded product (https://thearrowtechnique.com/ ). Since learning it I have applied it hundreds of times with a phenomenal success rate. I was also fortunate enough to train with both Freddy Jacquin and his son Anthony Jacquin in Australia earlier this year.
What you need to know about the Arrow is that it is fast and effective.

Changework is usually completed inside of 5 to 10 minutes and for many issues, that single session is all that is needed for lasting change.

Belief in Hypnosis is not required, nor is their any notion of trance, deepening, or relaxation. I have done effective sessions without any mention of the mind, or the subconscious. No pre-talk is required.

So, back to ‘Bob’:
I asked him again to quantify his pain out of 10. When he stated 10 out of 10, I asked him if the pain was useful or necessary in any way. This may seem like a stupid question, but it is key to establishing the basis for removal. If the pain serves any useful purpose, I would not want to remove it, nor could I even if I wanted to.

‘Bob’ affirmed that the pain was useless and unnecessary, so I ran The Arrow, with me kneeling at the bedside, ‘Bob’ lying on the bed. 8 minutes later, ‘Bob’ reported no pain at all. He was able to get up and walk without any discomfort whatsoever, whereas he arrived in the E.D via wheelchair.  He could not believe it, nor could his family or the other patients present in the 4 bedded room.

Bob’s big question was one you may well be thinking right now: “How long will the change last?”

I can only answer from my own experience that people I worked with over 12 months ago remain pain-free following that single session.

Freddy Jacquin tells me that he has met people 15 years after working with him and the change has stayed intact all that time.
The capacity for phenomenal change is there in all of our clients. I take no credit when my clients create these change so powerfully. I simply feel privileged to have the opportunity to lead them and witness daily the transformative power of Hypnosis.
Read more about Derry here: www.hypnosisworks.co.nz/

The Virtual Gastric Band
From Richard Kellow

I became a Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner back in March of this year after reading of the success of the programme and what the dramatic success it could bring to clients and at the time never imagined just how powerful it could be. I would probably say around 80% of my current clients come to see me for weight loss and from the first session report how easy it is for them to “stick to the 3 small meals a day and stop snacking”

In the four weeks leading to 22nd June I had 13 clients complete the programme who had lost a whopping 73kg between them. That’s pretty much one whole person. Of course some had more to lose than others and some lost more than others.

One thing I had noticed is that a lot of people had come to see me for the aesthetics originally, but by the end of the 4 weeks were more than happy with the fact that their whole relationship towards food had changed and some people were reporting benefits to their health. One lady's blood pressure had consistently dropped to acceptable levels for the first time in years.

One of my biggest success stories from the last 4 weeks was Mrs W. She has been on diabetes medication for the last 5 years and between week 3 & 4 went to the diabetes clinic and has officially been able to reduce her insulin by more than half and has completely come off another tablet (Forxiga) and reduced another one (Metformin) by  33%. This not only gives me a lot of satisfaction in the job but has also scored me a jar of fresh Kumquat Marmalade made straight from her own fruit!!
Check out Richard's website: www.auckland-hypnotherapy.com
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Plus, while you learn, you have up to 12 Months Personal Support from your tutor
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Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
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This is the ideal way to commence your Hypnotherapy training for an extremely reasonable fee - and with incredible support from one of NZ's most experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists.  You could become Certified by Hypnosis New Zealand in a just a few short weeks.

Currently there is a saving of $50.00 on this course!  Read more about it here.  If you call Grant for a chat about starting out as a Hypnotherapist he'll give you a free gift discount.   Enrollment form.

Call Grant on  06 345 2000 or 021 447 481 - or email him at grant@grantboddington.com

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
With Justine Lette

Justine will commence running the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course in Auckland on March 12th - 15th.  If there is sufficient interest, there may be an earlier course in Rotorua.  (Contact Justine if you're keen for this extra course.)

This is your chance to learn the same skills from Justine, that she has learned from Grant.

Over the last 12 years, this course has started more Hypnotherapists into a successfull career that any of our others. It's an friendly, intense 5 day course with an impressive pass rate.  It's especially suited to those who really have a passion to be a competent Hypnotherapist.

Currently there is a $200.00 earlybird discount on this course.  Read more about it here.  Enrollments are now open.

Call Justine on 027 890 9586 - or email her on info@hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
with Grant Boddington

Last chance to train with Grant! 
Grant will be presenting his very last Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course - and it will be in November this year!  So for those of you who missed out last year, this could be your final chance to study advanced clinical techniques over 5 days with Grant. Justine Lette, the new HNZ Principal will be taking over next year in running Diploma and Advanced Diploma training courses.

Date: November 12th - 16th  Check out the website for more information
NB: This course is currently fully booked, but standy registrations are still being accepted.

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