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Weigh loss without will power
Self Confidence
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Control your phobias
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Improve sleep
Control anxiety
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I have tried many different ways to lose weight over the years and the weight I lost never seemed to last any longer than about 6 months to a year.

Kymberley made me feel totally relaxed, confident and self-reassurance that I could do this if I really wanted it. Since completing the program I now feel more confident, am happier within myself and love fitting my smaller clothes that are still in my wardrobe. I am so pleased with my results as now I am wearing 2-3 size smaller clothes and have lost 10kgs to date and still losing (want to lose about another 5kgs) and with the VGBH I will reach my goal weight within the next couple of months. I still listen to my morning and evening programme daily.

If you are thinking about wanting to lose weight then I would highly recommend you try the VGBH. I’m sure this will work for you, what have you got to lose by trying… kilos of course. Do it now don’t wait and feel happy healthier and terrific!
When I arrived at Kymberley's and was greeted by her, I felt a warmth that felt very genuine and I  instantly liked her.
Within minutes of my session I started crying, which blew me away, as at first I couldn't understand why?
Although I went to Kymberley  for an alcohol addiction, it has turned out there was deeper meaning to my 'suffering'. After hypnosis I felt very emotional. But suddenly this dark heavy cloud surrounding most of my life just lifted.
My friends can see a change, I feel stronger, more empowered, confident. I just care about myself more.
I feel my drinking is under my control now and I won't be bullied anymore, so thank you Kymberley for getting my life back on track.
My anxiety was so bad that I thought I was losing my mind. I was unable to think clearly and my brain seemed to be foggy yet full of negative thoughts.  I felt so lost and hopeless, that I was never going to be back to my normal self.  
The moment I met Kymberley I felt she saw the real me through the fog. She explained how she would help me train my sub conscious thoughts and help improve ways on how I view myself.  I now feel back to normal, positive and excited about my future. I cannot thank Kymberley enough for the support and help she has given me.
Kymberley had completely inspired me to reach out and support other teens who are suffering from eating disorders, anxiety and depression.  I now see the great potential that I’ve always had inside of me, thank you Kymberley for everything you have done for me!
Niamh (16)
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About Kymberley
Hi, I'm Kymberley Carter-Paige, a Rapid Transformation Therapist, Professional Speaker & Author. Specialising in helping you to change the neuropathways in your brain to remove blockages from living the life of your dreams and to help make you happier.

You deserve to be happy and research shows that your beliefs, culture and past experiences create your feelings about your life and your future. In order to change your life you need to change your belief, whether it's your self-belief your belief about money, relationships or your present environment, which all stems from your unconscious mind programming.

 I am passionate about helping people to change their poor habits, beliefs and behavours by accessing the subconscious mind and helping them to delete the negativity in their lives.
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Credentials and specialization:
HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
HNZDACH (HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy)
HNZDCH (HNZ Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
CBT (Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy)
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