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LeadPage design, layout and cost breakdown
Are you ready to upgrade your Bio page?
On the right you will see a screen shot of the Hypnosis New Zealand LeadPage, shown on both desktop and mobile.

The LeadPage was created is such a way as to do what its name suggests  "To create leads for your business". It leads the prospective customer to make the next step of contact, either a call or email.

The LeadPage was specifically designed to work on all modern laptops and mobiles. Did you know that the percentage of internet web traffic on mobile, has already crossed the 50% mark and is growing!

Below is a list of features and how we utilise them to grow the potential of your business.
LeadPage specifics
Your LeadPage will be hosted under the Hypnosis New Zealand domain e.g https://www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz/i/yourbusiness

The LeadPage will use the exact template you see above. Each section of the LeadPage has been specifically chosen in order to lead the prospective customer to the "call to action".

We ask for the following information from you: A business logo (we will base the LeadPage colours on this), your services text, any download links, motivational videos, testimonial text and videos.

Please note - If you do not have a logo, we will write your business name in that position. If you don't have business colours, we will use the standard colours you see in the demo. If you do not have videos, we will replace them with other content. If you do not have testimonial images that you own, we will provide 5 stock photos at no extra cost.
Breakdown of the LeadPage Structure
The Hypnosis New Zealand branding is removed and replaced with your logo (on the left). Your phone number will be placed in view of the customer (on the right).

We ideally use a white background, but this depends on your business logo or colours.
If you have an engaging video that you would like added, we will put it in this in the center position, the optimal place to reach the customer.

If the video is hosted on YouTube, we will link it directly. If not, it must be provided to us in an .mp4 format, we will host it for you (at no extra cost). If you do not have or want a video added, we can replace it with an image.

Please note : we do not create or provide videos
Here is our first "call to action!" the goal here is to lead the customer to this button and provide us their email address.

It makes good sense to have an email list with automated email sent regularly to the customer, building rapport. This "call to action" can either be a "Contact me for a free session", or a "Download my free audio" etc.

If using a download, you will need to provide a link to the download page.

Below this section we have the list of services that you can provide.
In this example we have another interesting video - The truth about Hypnosis - Maybe you also have an interesting video that would engage the customer. This is the position we would add it.

If you don't have a video, we can add any interesting information that you would like to share with the customer. We would add an appropriate image to this section.
This is the testimonial section, we recommend at least three testimonials (max 5).

If you do not have any images to place in the testimonial section, we will place appropriate stock images there.
This is the video testimonial section. Video testimonials are a great "proof" of your quality. Some of your existing customers may be happy to record a quick video on their mobile!

If you do not have any video testimonials to place in the testimonial section, we will remove this section.
This is your about section. You will talk about yourself and your business.

It makes sense to have a nice photo of yourself or business.

Underneath this section we have the Clinic and contact details.
Basic Costs 
The basic template package that you see above will be priced as follows:

Setup : $295 one time fee through NZ bank deposit.
Stock photos : Up to 5 included (at no extra cost)
Template : The template design cannot be changed. The colours, images and text will be changed.
Hosting : Included with the Professional Membership
Time frame : The LeadPage will be created within one week on receipt of payment, photos, videos and links.
Review : You will have a week after production to make any revisions to the LeadPage (at no extra cost) we want you to be fully satisfied with the design.

Please note : Payment is to be made up front at the beginning of the setup. This is a one time fee and your LeadPage will be hosted with Hypnosis New Zealand for as long as you are a paid HNZ Professional Member. The price of setup is heavily reduced and no extra hosting is charged due to the subsidy of the Professional Membership fee.
Page updates:
After the review period, any changes to the LeadPage will be charged at $20 for a 20 minute interval of work. Most text and photo updates can be done within 20 minutes. We will quote the price beforehand. Changes will be made within 24 hours of payment receipt.

If you require additional pages, these will be quoted on a page by page basis.

Own server: If you would like the LeadPage hosted on your server rather than the HNZ domain, as this is not subsidized by the Professional Membership, there will be an extra fee of $120. You will be provided a download link to the files to be added on your own server by your administrator under your own domain. Once it is on your server, it is your responsibility to update the page yourself.
Copyright 2019 - Hypnosis New Zealand - All rights reserved - V4.0
Legal Disclaimer 
Disclaimer: Hypnosis New Zealand and KreativeKiwi (known as Designer) shall create the LeadPage for Client’s purposes and to Client’s specifications as long as it suits the template (up to Designer's discression) - no template changes will be made, only content will be changed/added. The LeadPage is to be paid for before work has started. After the week of revision has been completed, the Client will be charged at a rate of $20 for 20 minutes for any further changes. While the LeadPage is hosted on the Designer's servers, the LeadPage is owned by the Designer. The Client's LeadPage will be hosted on the Hypnosis New Zealand domain for at long as the Client is a Hypnosis New Zealand Member. If the Client is not a Professional Member the LeadPage will be removed from the Designer's server, the Client can then opt to have the LeadPage files supplied for their own server. The fee to have the files is $120. DESIGNER DOES NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT SAID LeadPage WILL CREATE ANY ADDITIONAL PROFITS, SALES, EXPOSURE, BRAND RECOGNITION, OR THE LIKE. DESIGNER HAS NO RESPONSIBILITY TO CLIENT IF THE WEBSITE DOES NOT LEAD TO CLIENT’S DESIRED RESULT(S).
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