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REGISTERED Clinical Hypnotherapists

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Our most highly Qualified, Experienced and Accredited Hypnotherapists for 2024

The following Registered Hypnotherapists have all been accredited by Hypnosis New Zealand as 

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists - with a registered number.

Our requirements are amongst NZ's most stringent Hypnotherapist Registration processes - and have taken each Registered Hypnotherapist several years to complete and become registered as one of our most highly qualified, experienced and accredited Hypnotherapists. The minimum requirements include:

  • Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (or similar).
  • Professional Membership of Hypnosis New Zealand.
  • Full compliance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics.
  • Police Check - First Aid Certificate - Supervision - Insurance

Find out how to become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist at the end of this page.

BAY OF PLENTY Hypnotherapists & Hypnotherapy Clinics

Kymberley Carter-Paige - Omokora - Tauranga

Change your Mind, Change your Reality 

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #110

Online and in person

Kymberley Carter-Paige

Justine Lette - Rotorua

ThoughtWorx Hypnotherapy 

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #100

HNZ Registered Supervisor

Available online or in Person

Justine Lette hypnotherapist

Owen Nickel - Rotorua

The Support Clinic

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #231

Caroline Back - Rotorua

Caroline Back Hypnotherapy

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #236

Online and in person

Richard Kellow - Rotorua

Auckland Hypnotherapy

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #226

Available online

Jenny Oakly - Rotorua

Orange Oaks Hypnotherapy

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #228

Norah Leatherland

Aunt Fanny Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing


HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #325

Julie Lambert - Whakatane

Falling Upright Hypnotherapy & Coaching

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #221


Catherine Lupton - Tirau

HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #191