Faye Lawand
NZ's Trusted Internal Conflict Resolution Expert For Accomplished Professionals
A Powerful Approach To Transforming Stress
Supporting you to breakthrough the internal conflicts that keep you stuck in negative patterns, you can reclaim your mental well-being and live a life that is calm and happy.
I help accomplished professionals who are stressed out, burnt out or unfulfilled using my Signature 7-Step Burnout Busting Formula.

I teach them to resolve the internal conflicts that keep them stuck in perpetual states of stress and negativity so that they can reclaim a sense of unshakable resilience.
Services Offered
No matter what you require, we provide services to help you change your life for the better.
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“Faye is absolutely incredible. My work with her helped me to let go of so much sadness I was carrying around. I found blocked memories that I can now access and enjoy. On top of that she helped me align all my values in the right order to serve me in my future and relieve my need to please others that resulted in anxiety when speaking about what I care about to people I care about. I spoke with passion in front of 100 people yesterday with comfort.
Thank you Faye!” – Bronson Christian Arter, Electrical Engineer
“Things that tormented me for years no longer have a hold on me. Faye helped me face my demons and banish them. It is really quite difficult to put in words how much her help has affected me, but I am extremely thankful to her for helping me to heal my life.” – Hibe A, Teacher - Edingburgh, Scotland
"The tightness in my rib cage is gone, my shoulders are not tensed up around my shoulders. I immediately feel lighter, calmer, unrestricted. I feel like I can breathe properly and I feel like myself again – I feel like I can move forward and I’m actually excited to get out and live my life again on my own terms, no longer burdened. The Trauma Release Protocol has really helped me. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a high stress job who deals with trauma and perhaps does not recognise their feelings as just that. I would recommend it for people who don’t process feelings well and tend to box things away and push through. I wish I had come to see Faye MUCH earlier!" - Anna Leask - 37 - Journalist, NZ Herald
Clinic Location
Support and Management
Phone: Office: 098153664 / Mobile: 0221982359
Social: https://www.facebook.com/fayelawand/

Clinic Address:
Springfield Rd, Morningside
New Zealand
Credentials and specialization:
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
HNZ Professional Member

Support & Management for:
Burnout recovery, trauma release, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain, Sleep, Quality of Life.
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