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Creator of the Hypnotique Protocol®
I am a fully trained and qualified professional clinical hypnotherapist. I have worked professionally with clients as a spiritual consultant for more than 45 years and with hypnotherapy for over 20 years. I am also an award winning flower essence and holistic healing expert and the author of two books. Over the time of my professional career I have developed specialised and proven techniques and methodologies that enable people to make lasting holistic transformations within themselves and in their life.

I have been able to do this as my very comprehensive training has included highly specialised areas of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge which includes an extensive study and research into the power of thought, vibration and vibrational medicine. This has resulted in my becoming a leading authority on how to work with the powers of the mind, vibration and vibrational medicine.

I have pioneered working with vibration, what the new physics call ‘wave forms’ in the form of energetic or vibrational signatures of plants to dynamically enhance the long term efficacy and benefits of hypnotherapy. My experience and research has also enabled me to create The Hypnotique Protocol® which is a quantum development in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.
Services Offered
I have created and work with The Hypnotique Protocol®. My area of expertise involves helping individuals who feel ‘stuck’ and who want to break out of old limiting patterns and ways of doing things; to breakout, breakthrough and breakfree. The Hypnotique Protocol® is a revolutionary program that works like magic to enable anyone to breakout, breakthrough and breakfree from anything in consciousness that is holding them back from successfully moving on in life and becoming all they can be.

Using advanced hypnosis techniques coupled with a knowledge of quantum physics and the power of vibrational medicine, The Hypnotique Protocol® is a quantum development in both the approach to and application of hypnotherapy. The Hypnotique Protocol® is where the power of vibrational medicine meets the science of consciousness and the power of the human mind. In just minutes beliefs, perceptions or realities locked in consciousness for lifetime or longer can be totally transformed.
I have carried a backdrop of sadness for much of my life that has coloured the way I experience my everyday world and that these ongoing feeling of sadness have meant that I have also experienced a lack of joy.

The way in which Franchelle approached the session made me able to trust in the process as she took me into a deeply relaxed place where I became open to her carefully worded and positive suggestions. In just one session, Franchelle shifted my relationship to the overriding sadness within me and gave me a sense of permission to be able to experience joy.

As a result of this one session I experienced having been released from my old pattern of pervasive feelings of sadness. I am now able to feel joy as a life habit. I notice when joy bubbles up from within me and I feel warmth in my heart. I am now able to feel happier as I experience joy in place of sadness. My deep overriding sadness has left me and I know this inner change is having an impact on the quality of my everyday life with feelings of joy and happiness.
- Karen
I went to Franchelle after hearing through the grapevine how she had helped a colleague of mine with confidence issues and I had a sense that Franchelle could help me. My own issue was a very debilitating level of insecurity which was seriously affecting my career prospects. I have always been insecure, particularly about my appearance, my looks and my overall abilities - not a good attribute for someone in the entertainment industry.

I had a series of five sessions with Franchelle and I am a completely different person. I no longer suffer from insecurity or worry what others think about me and I am finally at peace with my appearance. I can finally get on with my life instead of suffering through each day endlessly worrying what people are thinking about me and wondering how they are judging me and what I do. Two weeks after my final session with Franchelle, I auditioned for and was offered a role in an upcoming production - a role that I had previously thought would be out of my league and go to a more experienced presenter. Franchelle you have literally changed my life.
- Name withheld by request
In 2019 I had a series of consecutive sessions with Franchelle over a three week period. I am a published writer and I was experiencing a lack of energy which was affecting the writing my second book. She helped me to establish a clear focus for our sessions.

As a result of the sessions, I am now able to step back and allow other to have their own experience without the need to step in and rescue them. This has changed the way I come into relationship with others. I am now able to give space to any relationship, to step back and be a witness to another’s experience without the need to rescue them. This has changed the quality of the relationship so that the other feels seen and heard by me.

Since my sessions, I completed and published my second book in record time. I highly recommend Franchelle as a hypnotherapist. She has the ability to meet you where you are and to draw on her extensive knowledge from working with clients on multi dimensional levels of experience.
- Madeline
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Auckland, New Zealand and international online via zoom
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HNZRCH Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist #201
HNZDACH Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy​
PMHNZ Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand

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My speciality is working with high achievers and performers in the business, financial, corporate, political, entertainment and media arenas who wish to break through any limiting patterns or habits in consciousness that are preventing them from being all they can be or from reaching the level of success they aspire to. I also specialise in working with individuals who are in ‘front line’ positions dealing with high stress, emergency or traumatic situations in the course of their profession.
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