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My name is Steve and my life has been an intriguing cocktail of overcoming challenges, struggling with fear, addiction and finally finding success and happiness.

From being homeless, I now have a property portfolio with properties intentionally, part of my success is down to discovering hypnotherapy and the power of our subconscious minds.

We all have the potential to unlock this success but very few have the keys, this is what drives me to teach you the secret I acquired over many decades.
Services I Offer
Because your issues are like no one else's, the solution we have to offer is exactly the one you need. Our strategy is to offer each individual the care he or she deserves in a completely personalized way. We will help you resolve whatever is troubling or damaging you. Also, we provide neutral ground for individuals, families and couples to resolve problems with the correct guidance and no judgment.

Most of the times the real enemy lives within. Your own self-talk can be more destructive than any other judgment from the outside world. That responds to an obsolete, negative mindset that leads you to a dark, dead-end road. We can provide you with the tools to stop that vicious cycle and heal the pain. You will become aware of your true worth and strengths. We listen to your needs very carefully and build with you the path that leads to prosper and happier future.
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Phone: 027 205 1029
Address: Papamoa, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Learn more, Become engaged, Change your life Want me to tell you all about how to live the life you dream? The time to change is now; forget about obsolete, negative, procrastinating mind sets. Set yourself free; unleash your true potential, by giving us a call now.

You can make an Appointment or send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. Let our passion drive the change you are looking for; your success is our goal.
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