Would you like to boost your health and well-being?
Hypnosis can help to strengthen and boost your immune system, it can help you stay calm and relaxed, improve your sleep quality and increase your overall well being.
Please note : these recordings are hypnotic in nature, so only to be listened to while in a relaxed place. Never while driving or when your focused attention is needed.
The Hypnotherapy community has come together to create an impact on the well being of people in their time of need.
Below you will find a list of FREE audio recordings provided to you by various Hypnotherapists, to help your well-being during this difficult time of uncertainty. Please feel free to share this page with others in need.

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Please note : The recordings are hypnotic in nature, so only to be listened to while in a relaxed place. Never while driving or when your focused attention is needed. We have bolded the words that relate to the recording in order to make it easier for you to choose which to listen to. These recordings are not endorsed by Hypnosis New Zealand, rather they are a collection of recording provided to you free of charge from the Hypnosis community.
The first recording will help you to increase your self-esteem, confidence and of course to make you feel great. The second will help people feeling any fear or anxiety and to bring on feelings of comfort and calm!
Justine Lette - BioPage
This recording is designed to relax both your body and mind where you are then able to reprogram your physical and mental responses to stress and anxiety in your environment. It also guides you through a super boost of your physical well-being
Janet Dolan - [email protected]
This audio recording helps you to reduce your stress and anchor in uplifting positive feelings.
Lisa Thomas - BioPage
These two recordings will help you to calm the racing negative thoughts and to help relax when you are feeling anxious.
Kymberley Carter Paige - BioPage
Here is relaxing meditation to help you to wash away any stresses or anxieties.
Richard Kellow - https://www.auckland-hypnotherapy.com
This recording was originally conceptualised to help with calm parenting but upon completion I realised it is worded in such a way that it will help release stress and harness calm in any challenging situations.
Desiree Prendergast - www.hypnotherapywithdesiree.co.nz
This hypnosis recording is my gift to you and will help you deal better with unwanted people and situations. Most effective lying down or sitting with eyes closed. Make sure you are going to be undisturbed. It is alright if you have to stop halfway through the recording. Just take a deep breath and tap the centre of your forehead twice to snap out of the trance.
Dil Shroff - BioPage
Embody the Love, Wisdom and Power of Your Divine Essence.
Pamm Millage - BioPage
The recording is designed to help you stay calm and in control, manage your emotional state and attitude, and focus on what you can do during this period of uncertainty. There are also a few tips for nutrition and herbs to help you stay healthy and well.
Helen Willard - BioPage
This recording from Mia is to help boost your immune system.
Mia Turner - BioPage
This is a hypnotic recording through a beautiful nature walk. It is for those who love being with nature, so you can let go of any worries and to feel relaxed and calm.
Jennifer Beck - BioPage
Listen to this 12 minute recording for deep calm.
Andrew Hardwick - BioPage
This recording takes the listener through a gentle physical and mental relaxation and release allowing the immune system to recharge and restore.
Jan white - BioPage
Listen to this recording for relaxation, time out or destress.
Shirley Henderson - BioPage
Here are two short healing audios - If you've been angry over someone else or had anger dumped on you do this short clean up process. Connect with your inner child to see what they need.
Dawn Kelly - [email protected]
This recording is designed to help you combat any feelings of stress and anxiety that you may have. Best to listen to with headphones on.
Emma Mallock - BioPage
This recording is suitable for anyone worrying about the current situation and for helping boost the immunity.
Leanne Liddle - BioPage
Here are a couple of recordings that take you into trance and give you a place to put your stress. Nice, simple and relaxing for when you need a moment to breathe in life.
Dyllan Curtis - (better known as "The Secret Subject" on Youtube)
This recording is specifically for releasing anxiety and fear regarding illnesses.
June Callan - www.junecallanclinicalhypnotherapy.co.nz
This recording is designed to cleanse and balance the 7 main Chakras of the body.  It is a visualisation which will allow the body to reach a deep state of relaxation and release any negative feelings held within the body.
Vanda Jones - BioPage
This is a 23 min relaxation exercise to help to release fears, doubts, worries and concerns
Helen Bartrom - www.helenbartrom.co.nz
Listening to this recording will help you to feel safe and secure and help give you an immune Boost
Jan Haldane - BioPage
This 20 min recording will help you to relax.
Jenny Hudgell - BioPage
This recording is specifically for immune boosting. Teagan is also providing free meditations on Sunday evenings.
Teagan Fea - www.teaganfeatherapy.co.nz
Rox shares three recordings. One for meditation, relaxation and well-being. One to improve our well-being when we are experiencing challenging times in our lives. One which contains brain wave balancing protocols for general sleep support and also Chakra balancing to anchor you securely and to neutralise any chattering thoughts.
Rox Orange - www.roxorange.com
Full body relaxation to banish any niggles and speed up the healing process when you sense a cold coming on. Feel rejuvenated and ready to face the day.
Imelda Curtin and Rebecca Cragnolini - www.healthyminds.co.nz
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