Agata Golawska Moody
Moody Therapies
Helping you to create the best version of you
I am a hypnotherapist and a psychiatrist. I studied medicine in Poland, specialised in psychiatry in the UK and became a hypnotherapist in New Zealand.
Since I discovered hypnotherapy my professional life and approach to practicing psychiatry has changed forever.

I have seen profound changes in people during as a result of hypnotherapy. The changes are both sudden and long-term. There are shifts in the way people perceive the world and themselves in it, this is where everything begins- in our imagination, perception and belief system.

The shift from being a victim of trauma, of life circumstances, of family dynamics, of self-limiting beliefs to a person with a sense of agency and purpose is one of the most powerful changes one can observe and experience.
If you want to get more out of life, go beyond what you know and explore new territories hypnotherapy is for you.
Services I Offer
Virtual Gastric Band
emotional weight management

Stress and anxiety management
The aim of this package is to unlock your own potential to be able to manage anxiety and to balance a function of the autonomic nervous system.

Substance Misuse
Turning to substances is often a way of self-soothing and providing comfort to ourselves. Unfortunately, substances provide only a short-lived relief and a long term price of using can lead to problems on many levels, health, family, occupation etc. The concept of choice underpins this work and hypnotherapy is a catalyst of change.
Excellent way to overcome difficulties with deep rooted emotions. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for inner peace

Alex, UK
I've had one hypnotherapy session with Dr Moody and can honestly say I'm blown away by how powerful it is. Results have been instant for me and I'm excited for my next session. Definitely recommend.

Gillene, NZ
Agata can beautifully hold space and support anyone on a journey to self discovery and self love.

Michal, NZ
Phone: +64 220615860
Clinic : Invercargill
Support & Management for:
Anxiety, low mood, substance misuse, weight loss
  • HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
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