Dil Shroff
Holistic Life Coach
Heal Your Trauma! 
Dil Shroff is a Holistic Life Coach - Promoting Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing. She integrates the very best of eastern and western therapies.

15 years experience offering tools and skills to assist with empowering clients, by transcending their limiting beliefs, changing their emotional states and creating balance.

Dil utilises NLP, Hypnotherapy, Neurokinesis, EFT, Chakra Therapy,Yoga, Colour Therapy, Bach Flower Essences, Meditation and Pranayama.
Services I Offer
Dil specializes in the following areas: Anxiety and Stress Management, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD),
Releasing Fears and Phobias, Healing Trauma, Past Life Exploration, Grief Counselling.
What she taught me in two sessions was truly amazing !! I feel so empowered and connected, I now have the ability to release negative emotion and replace it with beautiful light and it really works !! What I love about Dil is in her sessions unlike conventional counselling she is teaching you methods that you carry away with you she is not creating a dependence on her but giving you wings to fly !!
-- Sue
At first, I was unsure that this technique would work for me considering my deep under lying traumas and fears around non medicated therapy. We started the sessions and I was surprised how quickly I was able to address past matters that were the root cause to many of my depression. My family and friends have noticed the change in my behavior, my attitude and personality too. Dil as my couch has been supportive, patient and an absolute God send.
-- S Hermitte

I was sick of my deep rooted fears and social anxiety preventing me from feeling joy. A friend suggested I meet Dil to work with neurokinesis to address my issues. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a go. The first session surprised me with how simple and affective this technique is. I had instant results in neutralising my fears, the rising anxiety and panic with multiple situations that day. Each day I practiced the technique, the easier it became to neutralise a fear and anxiety.
Dil’s support, friendly manner and humour has helped me a lot over these last weeks. Her support in-person and remotely over the Internet keep me on track and constantly improving my situation and confidence.
You owe it to yourself to have a session with Dil.
-- Blair
Clinic Location
Support and Management
Phone: +64 211 439 679
Email: [email protected]

Clinics : 
In person sessions at Orewa and New Market.
Also available for Online Sessions
Credentials and specialization:
Certified Master Life Coach from the American University of NLP,  Certified Hypnotherapist,  Master Practitioner of NLP - trained by Richard Bandler and  a Certified Coach for Trauma victims.

Support & Management for:
Anxiety and Stress Management, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD),
Releasing Fears and Phobias, Healing Trauma, Past Life Exploration, Grief Counselling.
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