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Hi, I’m Rebecca, a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I thrive in helping my clients discover the powerful influence of their subconscious mind and how you can access that extraordinary power to create positive and powerful changes.

I have worked with a range of clients since 2010, tailoring each session to the unique needs of my client. I approach sessions with a high level of professionalism and empathy, which puts my clients at ease. It’s a real privilege to witness the wonderful changes and experiences Hypnotherapy brings to my clients lives as they achieve their desired outcomes.

Prior to discovering hypnotherapy, I was a former award-winning Marketing and first-class Honours student, with a promising career in London as Marketing Executive working in TV, I knew what it felt like to succeed! However, it was through becoming incredibly ill and having to give up a dream lifestyle and return home to New Zealand, that I gained deeper insights and empathy into the issues and journey’s people face, and discovered a powerful ally in hypnotherapy as a natural and effective tool for personal success and well-being. Hypnotherapy helped me manage pain, regain my health and energy, as well as overcome an intense phobia of snakes!

Services I Offer
• Overcoming phobias, traumatic experiences, and PTSD.
• Prenatal and birth hypnosis: hyperemesis, gestational diabetes, breech babies, overcome birthing fear/anxiety or previous traumatic birth experiences, and hypno birth techniques to enjoy a relaxed pregnancy and gentle birth.
• Hypno-Fertility: creating the optimum mind-body conditions for fertility and conception. Either naturally or working alongside assisted reproductive technology (e.g. IVF).
• Enhancing health and well-being: reducing stress and anxiety, enhance the body’s self-healing mechanism, pre/post-surgery preparation and recovery time
• Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that sabotage or roadblock your progress.
“I went to Rebecca for help with an extreme fear of snakes. My fear was so much that, the thought in my mind of a snake, the word itself, or god forbid seeing something on tv – I would instantly start shaking all over, and have tears in my eyes even! The whole process was beyond fantastic, the results after my sessions I am beyond surprised!

Every session with Rebecca was completely relaxing, I as everyone I’m sure, was petrified at first about having to “face my fear” in my mind, but this was never once an issue. Everything was calm, slow and relaxing. In addition to being more “cured” than I could have ever dreamed of, I also learnt fantastic relaxation and calming techniques, and I still do listen to the copy of one of our sessions to help relax often. It really is one of the most amazing things I have ever done for myself” - Kerensa
“I first meet Rebecca when my husband and I were just starting to see a Fertility Specialist after having experienced a miscarriage (I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome). I was a bit unsure at first about seeing a hypnotherapist for fertility but after talking with Rebecca I could quickly tell she was very experienced. Fertility is a sensitive issue and a hugely emotional journey. I found my sessions with Rebecca provided a significant source of support during this time, drastically reduced my stress levels and taught me ways to condition my mind and work through the impact my miscarriage had.

We were extremely lucky to conceive during the time I was seeing Rebecca. I would recommend Rebecca for any one going through fertility treatment. Not only will you get the benefits of hypnotherapy but also the care and empathy that you really need during such a time of change” – Julie Bhosale

“Not only did birth hypnosis help me through a fairly complicated birth, it aided me so much in the final stages of my pregnancy. I would look forward to my sessions with Rebecca – they would never fail to calm and relax me. In addition, her soothing recordings were the only thing that would ease me back to sleep in the early hours of the morning on those restless nights prior to my son’s arrival. My ‘plan’ for birthing Austin didn’t quite go as expected but I was able to remain at peace throughout the experience. After my unscheduled caesarean, the nurses on duty referred to me as “the one who doesn’t ask for pain relief”. Taking into account that I’d just had major surgery, I can only thank Rebecca for teaching me that it was possible to get myself into a state of mind where any discomfort was totally manageable” - Natalie Mason
Clinic Location
Support and Management
Phone: +021 990049
Email: [email protected]

Clinic : 
New Zealand
Credentials and specialization:
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certificate in Birth Hypnosis
Certificate in Hypno-Fertility
Certificate in Phobia Rewind Technique

Support & Management for:
Traumatic Experiences and PTSD
Pre-natal & Birth
Health & Well-being
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