Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Level I & II Hypnotherapy Training Course
This is a fantastic course for: Newcomers to Hypnotherapy, Intermediate Hypnotherapists
Also great as a refresher course.
New Zealand's best value and most popular Clinical Hypnotherapy course from New Zealand's Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer.
Start or continue your Hypnotherapy training to become a Hypnotherapist today with Hypnosis New Zealand.
We offer NZ's most practical and focused Hypnotherapy courses.
Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
It's affordable, swift and simple to become a Hypnotherapist! We have NZ's most popular Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course.

The HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy has been certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy ICBCH

Attending the course, completing the open book examination requirements and client training sessions, will earn you the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Content that's Focused on Hypnotherapy
This Hypnotherapy course is a very well balanced blend of theory, practice, discussion and interactivity - and you will be experiencing hypnosis on the very first day of the course.  You will learn the skills required to begin a practice as a competent Hypnotherapist and to operate a successful Hypnotherapy business - or add Hypnotherapy to your existing list of life skills.

Hypnotherapy has become one of the most respected of all natural therapies - because it's safe and it works!  Medical professionals have become more comfortable in referring their patients to reputable Hypnotherapists, which is further testament to its credibility as a complementary technique. 

Recognising this, all Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy courses are focused on teaching only Hypnotherapy!  It makes perfect sense to learn from a dedicated and focused team who have been a part of the New Zealand Hypnosis profession for over 20 years.

One of the goals of this course is to produce Hypnotherapists who are able to really tailor the session to the client. It teaches how to take the information the client provides and use that  to create a session that aligns with what the client truly wants. (Client Centred Therapy).   We also teach the how's and why's for the hypnotic process so the students are able to work with people on the spot if needed.
  • Some of the course content:
  • Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy theory and practice
  • Understanding the Mind and how we are programmed.
  • What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Understanding inductions. 
  • Various  inductions, deepeners, interventions & awakenings
  • Visualisations, affirmations & suggestions
  • Using effective language when communication with the Subconscious
  • Writing effective intervention scripts 
  • Rapport building, interviewing & communication skills
  • Conducting effective Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Autogenic Training
  • Using Symbols is Hypnosis 
  • Self Hypnosis
  • How to conduct successful online sessions
  • Making Hypnotic Recordings
  • Setting up and operating a successful Hypnotherapy Clinic
  • The business side of Hypnotherapy,  Importance of Facebook, Mailing lists 
  • Professional ethics and legal responsibilities
  • Experience with volunteer clients with real issues
  • Common client issues: habits, phobias, weight, smoking, etc.
Benefits of this Diploma
Work With Real Volunteer Clients with Real Issues
The ultimate advantage that this Hypnotherapy course offers over any other course, is the afternoon of working with REAL clients - with REAL issues - in a clinical situation!  We arrange several volunteer clients (via our Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists) for the students of each  Hypnotherapy Training Course to practice their new skills with (under supervision).  Previous students have applauded this initiative as the confidence-boosting climax of the course.  It really cements their ability to begin a professional Hypnotherapy practice.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
On completion of the associated post-course assignments and assessments and the on-site 5 day practical Clinical Hypnotherapy course, you will receive the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (HNZDCH) and have the opportunity to become a Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand (extra fee).  Also, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your tutor herself personally assesses you here in New Zealand. Hypnosis New Zealand is unique in that we do not require you to create a video of a full Hypnotherapy session - because we have already seen you working, during the course time! The Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (HNZDCH) is  broken down to 100hrs. 45hrs in class, 1hr pre-reading, 6x 1.5 hr zoom sessions, 35hrs assignment and 10 hours practice clients.

This rapid personalised support is yet another of the myriad of Hypnosis New Zealand trend-setting support, mentoring and promotional services that we offer ... as part of the automatic complimentary Basic Membership! (See the long list of HNZ member benefits on the Membership Information page.)

This Hypnotherapy Course is Suitable for: 
Anyone with an interest in Hypnotherapy for helping others, or themselves. It's ideal for beginners through to intermediate level.  It's also a great refresher course for those who studied Hypnotherapy some time ago and now want to begin a practice.  This course is very suitable for other natural therapists, life coaches, counsellors, etc., wishing to add the trusted modality of Hypnotherapy to their skill set.

The Fastest & Friendliest Communications
When you read the many recent testimonials, you'll see that time and time again that students were extremely impressed with the speed and clarity in which we personally addressed any of their questions about Hypnotherapy - sharing whatever knowledge was relevant to helping them to become a fine Hypnotherapist. we are professionals who want you to succeed!

The Best Value Clinical Hypnotherapy Course in New Zealand

As with all other Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy training courses, we offer a range of payment options.  So if you're looking for the best professional Hypnotherapy course, for the best price, then this Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course has it all!

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Meet Your Trainer: HNZ Principal, Justine Lette
The Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is fronted by HNZ Principal: Justine Lette
 ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
The Simpson Protocol NZ Trainer
The Dave Elman Institute NZ Trainer

Justine has a passion for teaching and learning - and loves to share her knowledge of Hypnotherapy with her students.  
Certified as a Hypnotherapy trainer with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists
She has extensive training in Hypnotherapy techniques and business strategies with trainers such as: Grant Boddington (HNZ Founder), Ines Simpson, Sheila Grainger, Cheryl and Dave Elman, Jason Linett.

She has also studied and qualified in a number of other natural and complementary therapies, including: A Diploma in Massage and the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Justine runs a successful clinic in Rotorua called Thoughtworx Hypnotherapy and is also a Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Justine is very well qualified to teach you Hypnotherapy, as she has over 15 years experience as a school and Polytechnic tutor.  So when you enrol in this course, you can be assured that you will be guided by a trained and experience professional Hypnotherapist.
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